Diversified models for conservation,
one opportunity at a time.

I believe in building a global conservation economy that places strong emphasis on the sustainable and inclusive use of natural resources. This is an alternative approach to systems that prioritise economic growth and development at the expense of the environment. It ensures that resources are not depleted, that landscapes and biodiversity are protected, and that people locally are positively impacted.

About me

I’m the lead behind Conservation Economy Solutions, a consulting business where my passion for conservation meets my solution-oriented entrepreneurial mindset. With a purpose-driven approach firmly centered on people, I specialize in facilitating project development, fostering effective communications, and forging productive partnerships to make a positive impact in our world.

Dr Julia Baum
(Ph.D., University of Cape Town;
EMBA, Quantic School of Business and Technology)

Dr Serge Alexis Kamgang

“Dr Baum is a true leader and perfect role model both as a conservationist and human being. Her passion for conservation economy inspires many stakeholders and bridges communication and collaboration as a keystone for conservation success.”

Dr Serge Alexis Kamgang
Conservation Scientist; Whitley Award Winner 2023
CEO, Biodiversity-Environment and Sustainable Development (BEDD)

“Julia brings a unique blend of entrepreneurial and business skills to the conservation and environment space, creating a powerful potential for growth and change. A passionate and talented communicator with a genuine compassion for people and nature, Julia is a joy to work with and always presents a fresh perspective.”

Dr Jessica Comley
Independent Climate Change and Environmental Consultant

Mr Jason Kane Gilbertson

“Julia excels at building meaningful partnerships and facilitating productive collaboration, making her an invaluable asset for any project requiring teamwork.”

Mr. Jason Kane Gilbertson
Impact Analyst, Peace Parks Foundation